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Meet Our Team

Ed Rogan

Edward Rogan

Ed’s primary skill is business development, which naturally leads to advancing Penn Capital’s growth agenda and portfolio value. Ed focuses his time sourcing new acquisitions, analyzing market trends, and engaging resources in the capital markets. Prior to founding Penn Capital, Ed was a successful sales and marketing director for a publicly traded company in the oil and gas industry. Ed’s sales experience helps Penn Capital build loyal relationships with debt lenders, whom the company counts on for providing attractive loan terms. He leads the team in generating deal flow, underwriting deal feasibility, sourcing debt, and building their broker networks so they can take advantage of early looks at the latest off-market opportunities. Additionally, Ed served in the U.S. Army with the 82nd Airborne Division and spent one year in Afghanistan, where he led his team in multiple combat missions. Ed’s leadership skills are important to forming the “big picture” vision for Penn Capital and maintaining course direction toward the inevitable achievement of the company’s goals.

Percy Nikora

Before starting Penn Capital, Percy had walked in the shoes of our investors. As an avid passive investor in large private equity deals, Percy accumulated years of association by investing in commercial and residential real estate. From those experiences, he has developed a keen sense of awareness and understanding of investors’ general problems. This insight allows Penn Capital to set the standard for maximum ‘alignment of interest,’ with its investor-partners. In addition to Percy’s investing practice, his earlier career includes executive level leadership roles in the investment banking industry, working for firms like Merrill Lynch and Dow Jones. Percy’s entrepreneurial background displays a proven record of accomplishment upon having founded and exited several successful tech companies. One of Percy’s responsibilities is to oversee investor relations and capital fundraising. As a partner in Philadelphia’s premier angel investor group, Percy understands what it takes to perform due diligence while effectively raising capital for new projects. His network in the Philadelphia investor community has been an invaluable resource to the continued success of Penn Capital.

Percy Nikora
Stuart Leibowitz black background

Stuart Leibowitz

Stuart has enjoyed considerable success in the real estate business. His career began in 1985 after graduating from The Wharton School of Business, when he joined his father as co-owner of Park Place Enterprises, Inc. Stuart began focusing on the company’s financial and operational processes, where he created a successful framework that enabled Park Place to expand their assets under management and grow their business. During his previous role as President of Park Place, Stuart grew the company to own and manage over 5,000 multifamily units, 40,000 sq. ft of office and 75,000 sq. ft of retail space. Stuart’s real estate experience has facilitated his aptitude for simplifying complex situations and offering practical guidance to the Penn Capital team. Stuart brings invaluable industry knowledge and a deep network of relationships to Penn Capital. His insights have helped accelerate growth and maximize profits for our investors.

Della Robertson

Della Robertson came highly recommended as a professional and expert property manager. Della’s previous position was Operations Manager for Park Place Enterprises, where she loyally devoted 35 years as a key contributor to the company’s success. Della directed the management for Park Place’s apartment portfolio in PA, NJ, DE, OH and FL. She holds a BA in Human Relations, Administrative Management, and Hospitality Industry Management. Della’s unique ability to understand the needs of owners, employees, and residents, has been a tremendous factor to the successful outcome of Penn Capital’s projects. Her ability to create an alignment of interests across all levels of an organization is an important skill for achieving individual buy-in from her team, resulting in a record of profitable investment properties. Della consistently proves her outstanding capability to optimize property management processes, improve resident services, and grow revenues. Residents of our apartment homes appreciate Della’s mission to maintain safe, clean, and secure premises. With Della’s new venture in Penn Capital, she will be taking an ownership role in the development of Penn Asset Management, a subsidiary of Penn Capital Holdings responsible for operating Penn Capital’s portfolio of assets.

Della Robertson
Terri black background

Terri Greaser

Terri comes to Penn Capital with 22 years experience in Human Resources and Customer Service, giving her the knowledge and understanding of both Customer and Investor needs and meeting them with exceptionally high standards and quick-thinking ability to provide solutions. Terri’s previous employment has given her expertise in managing team members and clients on many different platforms. She has received several awards and certificates for her Team Management Skills and Outstanding Customer Service Accomplishments. She is task oriented and methodically organized. Terri is continuing studies in Criminal Justice and Linguistics with Wilmington University. Outside of Penn Capital she owns and operates a successful Event Planning Business. Terri joins the team as the Assistant Asset Manager in Penn Capital Management. She will be providing service and support for Penn Capital’s Portfolio of Assets.