How Proprietary Data Uncovers Apartment Investing Opportunities

With Percy Nikora, Co-Founder

We want to make sure that the investment metrics we are sharing with our clients show them the return on their investment today. What's realized, what's not realized, and the trend like where do we see our portfolio heading?

Given given some KPI that we track. So those are at the highest level. That information still applies to any any online financial system today where you have access to your portfolio and you're trying to optimize the best way to enhance portfolio growing up portfolio.

So when we're looking at different markets, trying to analyze why we should focus our spend, will we consume a lot of this data? So it's similar to in the financial services industry. Market data is readily available. But how you know, the pieces that you abstract from it, how you analyze it, interpret it is where it makes all the difference. So we tap into some public sources of data as well as some private sources of data. But we blend those together and we have about seven or eight markets that we have identified that I think are diamonds in the rough, so to speak. They're not necessarily on everyone's top top list, but the metrics behind and the fundamentals of that market are very strong. In fact, there are some of those strongest metrics in the country, but they just happen to be flying under the radar. So we we invested in those markets. We want to try to be a little ahead of the curve and bring those opportunities to our to our investors. And, you know, over time, as the other larger firms, PE firms catch up, that will be a great time for us to be exiting those opportunities to those larger funds.

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