true passive investment income through multi-family real estate

PC Multifamily Fund II

Income and Total Return

For accredited investors only

Asset Class:

Multifamily Core+/Value-Add

Offering Size:


Minimum Investment:


Preferred Return:


LP-GP split:


Fund Term:

5 Years

Target Annualized Return:

17%-22% Average Annual


2x+ in 5 Years

Our Strategy

Penn Capital is a vertically integrated real estate investment firm focusing on multifamily in carefully selected markets based on our research. We are defined by our data driven, proprietary market selection process, conservative underwriting, technology-backed, in-house property management, construction management, and fund management expertise.

Our investment partners include institutions, family offices, independent advisors and our principals. We have built a network of local contacts that real estate generalists cannot match.

Real estate markets in gateway cities like Phoenix, Las Vegas and Dallas are too crowded to offer significant value.

We invest in multi-family real estate in a small number of up-and-coming MSAs where we expect much higher returns before they appear on the institutional radar.

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Select Portfolio Highlights

The Grand Reserve

Madison, Alabama

232 unit Class A garden-style

Westwood Park

Houston Suburb, Texas

124 units Class B garden-style

Madison Grove & The Ave

Huntsville, Alabama

390 unit Class C to B conversion

Sample of Our MSA Selection Strategy — Huntsville, AL


A young, educated population


Tremendous job growth


High Income, Low Median Rent


A business friendly environment attracting diverse, reputable employers


Growth 2015-2045






Source: Huntsville Metropolitan Area Long Range Transportation Plan
toyota logo1

Toyota/Mazda Production Plant:

$2.3 billion invested, 4,000 jobs

Mercedes Benz:

$1 billion invested, 600 jobs


$750 million invested, 100 jobs


$600 million invested, 75-100 jobs


$349 million invested, 500+ jobs


Redstone Arsenal / FBI:

$1 billion invested, 4,000 jobs


$142 million invested, 2,000 jobs

YKTA Auto Supplies:

$220 million invested, 650 jobs

GE Aviation:

200-300 jobs

Blue Origin:

$200 million invested, 342 jobs

Our Team

Percy Nikora



Percy is responsible for investor relations and capital raising. Before starting Penn Capital, he was an avid investor in private equity and real estate, giving him valuable insights into the needs and priorities of our investors. He was a partner at Robin Hood Ventures, Philadelphia’s premier angel investor group, and knows how to perform due diligence while raising capital.
Ed Rogan



Ed is responsible for sourcing new acquisitions and generating deal flow, underwriting deal feasibility, analyzing market trends, and engaging resources in the capital markets. He oversees business development and keeps Penn anchored to its “big picture” vision. He was previously a successful sales and marketing director for a publicly traded company in the oil and gas industry.

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For accredited investors only

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